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Delivering Hard Dollar Savings

We aim to deliver hard dollar savings seen through reduced costs and refunds in conjunction with other streamlining measures to sustain efficiency. Achieving hard dollar savings begins with the collection and dissection of the current and historical environment going back multiple months or years. Trends, changes and savings will become evident through the billing, inventory, usage and utilization reports. The contracts, tariffs and service guides catalogued from years of service will dictate the statute of limitations for recoveries. Our efforts focus on the services, technology, costs, suppliers and processes to eliminate and prevent unnecessary expenditures caused by:

  • Non-Compliance of Contract, SLA, Taxation
  • Erroneous Billing I Unauthorized Charges 
  • Duplication I Zero Use Services
  • Service Upgrade I Technology Migration 
  • Consumption Trends I Abuse and Fraud
  • Insufficient Redundancy I Ineffective Processes 
  • And much more...


Effective Validation and Claims Processing

A core element of NMA's success is the effective management of provider contacts, claims processing, and validation methods. The constant interfacing with service providers has reduced the total timeframe to savings and recoveries because our team:

• Ensures All Submitted Claims & Reductions Are Complete, Accurate, Legible, & Without Unnecessary Material
• Diligently Tracks & Responds to All Correspondence in a Timely Manner
• Proactively Inquires with Providers for Resolution & Verification of Reductions & Recovery Claims
• Aggressively Pursues Service Provider Appeals Process When Recommendations or Recoveries Are Rejected

Rate Assessment & Comparison