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Cost Cutting As A Discipline

Cost-cutting is a discipline and not  single exercise. Effective controls and processes will positively impact the bottom line. Operating expenses are prime sources for revenue loss for many reasons, including their necessity and lack of profitability. Managing the services, assets and complex billing arrangements on the commercial utilities, leasing and telecommunications is difficult and time consuming. The fragmented handling between IT, Facilities, Procurement, Accounting and Finance breeds unintended inefficiencies and waste.

Network Mapping Associates Inc. and our trusted business partner Optimal Cost Control, LLC are jointly leveraging industry experience and best practices to systematically lower all applicable gas, electric, water, waste disposal, telecom and leasing expenditures. We assess the entire procure-to-pay life cycle for sustained cost savings and business process efficiencies that can be applied company-wide. We assume all the risk with our no-obligation, fee-for-service model as we are confident our expertise and well-defined processes will yield results in record time.

Gas, Electric, Waste, Water

Evolving energy consumption guides and rates allows businesses to reduce utility costs, but it is the responsibility of the consuming party to demand the lowest rate. Unfortunately, utilities continue accessing the legacy backbone, including the infrastructure, billing and operations hindering overall efficiency and accuracy. Old meters, a lack of automation and limited competition leads to higher costs and erroneous billing stemming from:

  • Incorrect Rate Schedules Misapplied Fees or Taxes
  • Meter Calibration or Read Errors


Having secure, reliable and agile communications is fundamental yet delivery and oversight differs greatly. IT resources are stressed by a lack of time and money attempting to accommodate new applications on outdated, hybrid infrastructures.

Telecom is decentralized and fragmented mandating varied skill sets and multiple departments internally and at the supplier level for basic operations. This lack of singular control creates unintended losses.

Cataloging all assets and expenses is the first step to gain control of the entire telecom management life cycle. Knowing what to do with the information is our expertise.

Commercial Lease

Misinterpretation of lease provisions and incorrect calculations are commonplace. Lease legalese is translated and compared against the expenses incurred, ensuring compliance and accuracy. When necessary, diligent handling of all refund claims will successfully recoup monies paid in error resulting from:

  • Errors with CPI, cost allocations and spacing measurements affecting OPEX and CAM charges
  • Billing of Excluded Services
  • Erroneous Fee Assessment on Inclusion Services