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Tailored Solutions For Saving Time and Money on the Business Operating Expenses
Commercial Utilities, Leasing, Information Technology & Telecommunications

Cost-Cutting for Information Technology and Telecommunications
Services, Technology, Costs, Suppliers and
Business Processes

Cost-Cutting on Commercial Lease Expenditures
Compliance Audit Savings and Refunds

Cost-Cutting for
Commercial Utilities
Natural Gas, Electric, Water &

Steam, Sewer and Waste Removal

Our History, Values and Success Stories
Our longevity and high retention is due to performance excellence and well-structured processes since 2004.

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ZERO COST Assessment | Fee-For-Service Model

Revenue Recovery | Sustained Cost Cutting | Business Process Efficiency

Gas, Electric, Water, Waste Disposal | Fixed and Mobile Service and Technology | Commercial Lease

Cost Management Consulting with NMA

Our cost-cutting and business process efficiency offerings provide the visibility, effective controls and processes to accelerate business performance and positively impact the bottom-line.

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& Inventory

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Service &
Rate Assessment

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Process Optimization



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Strategic Procurement
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Business Challenges and Solutions

Holding the World

Table and Chairs

Hybrid IT & The Merging Of IT & Utilities For
Energy Efficiency

Managing the services, assets and complex billing arrangements on the commercial utilities, leasing and telecommunications is difficult and time consuming.  The fragmented handling between IT, Facilities, Procurement, Accounting and Finance breeds unintended inefficiencies and waste.

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